We purchased Stings Next Dun It (Wilson), #5056955, 2007 amber champagne stallion, in 2015. He is a grandson of Hollywood Dun It. He is verified 5 panel clear by AQHA. Wilson is 14.2 and weighs 1050 pounds. He is broke to ride and has a good disposition.

We are very pleased with our foal crops out of Wilson. We purchased him to cross on mares out of Awesome Cougarand and ended up using him almost exclusively. His babies have been very easy to teach and quick to learn.









CBS Dirty Blue Revue is our new AQHA stallion purchased in 2018.  We will have foals from him in 2019.  He is big and pretty,broke to ride and has a good disposition.  He is 5 pannel negative and goes back to Blue Valentine and Hancock.









Awesome Cougarand, 1998 champagne palomino stallion, is 14.2 hands and weighs about 1050 pounds. We purchased him in Texas from the Kurtz Ranch as a yearling. Awesome is retired from breeding but we have several of his daughters in our broodmare band and some geldings out of him that are for sale.

Awesome has a well shaped head and is heavily muscled, thick and sturdy. The champagne dilution comes through in about half of his colts. His offspring are easy to handle, intelligent, athletic and gentle. They enjoy attention and being around people. They can go any direction in the quarter horse world and we consider them to be performance horses. Awesome is broke to ride.




Awesome's sire, Cougarand, is a money earner in both reining and cutting. Cougarand has his NCHA Certificate of Ability and is the sire of cutting, reining and ranch horse winners such as Doc Cougarand who has the NCHA COA as well as AQHA ROMs. He is the sire of Cougarand Command who was the 1995 Congress Non-Futurity Champion and a 1995 NHRA Non-Pro Futurity Finalist. Cougarand is also the sire of Blue Eyed Cougar, the AQHA Cowboy Ranch Horse Champion and Cougaranda, the 1994 World Champion Palomino Reining Champion and the 1994 Dixie Nationals Reining Champion.



Awesome Cougarand's color is something special. He carries the champagne gene and is classified as a gold champagne. These champagne horses stand out from the others, no matter what color. Their coats have a lustrous metallic sheen and reverse dappling. Horses that carry the champagne gene have other characteristics that make them unique. The champagne dilution is rare and we have enjoyed the unique trend in color added to our excellent bloodlines.

Awesome Cougarand has tested nn for the Big 5 Genetic Disease Panel through UC Davis for AQHA.

Coat Color results for Awesome Cougarand (DT26547):

Red-Factor Result:
e/e - Only the red factor detected. Basic color is sorrel or chestnut in the absence of other modifying genes.

Agouti Result:
A/a - Black pigment distributed in points pattern. Basic color is bay or brown in the absence of other modifying genes.

Cream Result:
N/N - No evidence for the Cream dilution altered sequence detected. Basic color is sorrel or chestnut, bay or black in the absence of other modifying genes.

Pearl Result:
N/N - No evidence of the altered sequence detected.

Silver Result:
N/N - No evidence of the altered sequence detected.

Champagne Result:
N/Ch - One copy of the altered sequence detected. Chestnut color (red) is diluted to gold, bay to tan with brown points and black to darker tan with brown points.



People continue to comment how Awesome's color shines in the sun, just standing out in the pasture.

Below is a picture of Awesome Misty, out of Awesome Cougarand. She is a money earner and a point earner in reining. This photo was taken during training at the Teigmeyer Training Facility.


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